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The Alpha Curriculum


Every child deserves a head start in life. What better way to prepare a child by teaching him or her everything that is needed to know before entering kindergarten.

After having more than ten years of experience in child daycare and being a stay-at-home mom of six children, I compiled this workbook from worksheets that I created for children that were in my care.

Inspired by the Abeka Curriculum this Christian based workbook contains colorful illustrations, bible verses, and inspiration to keep parents and children encouraged.

The Alpha curriculum prepares children ages three and up by offering math, number recognition, counting, reading & sight words, colors, tracing and writing skills, letter recognition, cutting skills, color sheets, art, Spanish, and even more.
There is a second edition available. Please send us an email request if you would like that edition or an electronic copy for 5.00 of either book. [email protected]

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