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We handle your publishing needs from start-to-finish.

Services that we offer:
Cover Design
CD Cover Design
Photo Editing Services
ISBN & Barcode Labeling
LCCN Number Assignments
Marketing & Book Distribution
Proofreading & Editing Services
Planning of Book Signing Parties

Marketing & Book Distribution

Website Design
Business Cards
Email Marketing
Facebook Fan Page
Book Review on Amazon
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Books Listing & Major Books Stores

Graphic Design
Flyer & Posters
Curriculum Writing
Ghost Writing Services
Reviews, Articles, & Blog Post
Fundraiser Coupon and Ad Booklets for Your Organization
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Kindle & Ebook Formatting Services Available 

Do you have a great idea or a niche area? Niche areas are areas of expertise or something a person is good at maybe cooking, crafting, or any type of gift or skill. Have you ever thought about sharing your ideas with others? On Amazon and other e-book platforms people sell these books every day! (digital books) I enjoy these books because they cut down on the cost of printing. Jeru Publications can help you prepare an ebook by creating the cover, providing editing services, and helping you with the proper ebook formatting. All at a price you can afford. Our Motto! You CAN be an author! If you don't like writing, we even provide ghostwriting services. Maybe you've already started writing one, we can still help. Contact Us - [email protected]

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